Monday, August 11, 2008

Test Firefox3.0.2 Hindi

Firefox 3.x Hindi is in the process of release and its builds from different platforms are ready to test. Please test it by downloading from here... Its fresh and incorporating some changes that I got on the comment of my earler post. I am unable to do some of the changes as it will violate Fuel Hindi I am sorry for this but anybody thinks it wrong or want it to improve they can create an issue there at Fuel page.

Firefox 3.0.2 Hindi is available for linux, mac, and windows platform. So please try to test it for more platform if you have with you. I got several report at my earlier post and I am thankful to all.


Unknown said...

I cannot say about source but seems that for help you have written two diff things..'मदद' and 'सहायता'. if it is true please make it consistent.

Anonymous said...

it is good as far as I can go...screenshot err mentioned in first comment not Great Effort! Congrat!