Sunday, February 15, 2015

Mozilla Angika Meetup @ Bhagalpur, Bihar - A Report

I am overwhelmed with the success of the event and to see the love of the people for Angika and how they are excited to know that Angika is going to be present with one of the languages in which Firefox is present. UNESCO says that Angika is endangered but now I am convinced that Angika cannot be an endangered language. How a language - a real Lok-Bhasha - can be endangered?

Mozilla Angika - A workshop ( pix courtesy - Disha)

The language community is dedicated and no doubt we will be able to come with Mozilla Firefox browser for desktop as well as Android soon with the support of the community. Thank you Anga Pradesh for such a great support!

Organized by Mozilla, the event was supported by several organizations - Disha Gramin Vikas Manch, Sanskriti, Bhasha Ghar and FUEL Project. Several well know persons of Angika language were present - Dr. Amrendra, Mukutdhari Agarwal, Manoj Pandey, Dr. Jayant Jalad, Dr Anand Jha, Dr Vijay Mishra, Dr Sambe, SK Mathur, Ulupi Jha, Dr Satyananda, Manoj Pandit, Abhay Bharti, Bachhu Chaudhari, Brajraj Kumar, Arfeen Parwej, Rakesh Roshan to name a few!

We discussed with the crowd all about what we are going to do and what benefit the language will get when we will release Firefox for desktop as well for Android in Angika. We discussed about the terminology of Angika started under the FUEL Project initiative. The community, however small, is already gathered around to support the cause and to release Firefox in Angika also. Language preservation is one of Mozilla's goal and we are happy to do something concrete in this direction.

The press has generously covered the event. Five newspaper and radio station covered the event. Here are some:

A very special thanks to Mukutdhari jee, Amrendra jee, Manoj Pandey jee, Raj Kumar jee! Thanks a ton to Mozilla for supporting the language.

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